M & S heaLTHcare Solutions

About us

M & S Healthcare Solutions, formally known as M & S Care Consultants was originally founded in 2018 by Mother and Son Jayne and Nathan. 

Jayne and Nathan are both Registered Nurses and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the public and private sector nursing. Together Jayne and Nathan have over 40 years of nursing experience within mental health, general nursing and NHS and both come with outstanding nurse management experience.  

With both directors having experience of hands on nursing and nurse management, they can identify with shortfalls within all areas of a service. 

M & S Healthcare Solutions can help find the missing jigsaw pieces within your company to ensure you have a fully functional, compliant, well-staffed and skilled service that provides outstanding care and achieves outstanding results.  

See the range of services we have to offer and contact us for further details.