Building a new home? Require support and guidance? Then M&S Care Consultants Ltd can provide a service from start to finish. We will work with your dream and make it a reality. There is so much demand for new services with bigger and better diversity in provision of care. Different categories of needs and expectations of the growing market users. Individuals are living longer but with what appears more complex needs. Hospital beds are being blocked due to lack of provision of good services that meet all standards.

We will perform a research of the mortality and morbidity in the area of the suggested build and advise on best approach to category of care alongside financial overview of the services projections for that service obtaining the highest fees for the services provided.

We will advise on the layout of the home by conducting a research of future individual resident’s preferences and market the home. Support all documentation to CQC for the building, manager and nominated individuals.

We will support on the environment as much as required and then complete the recruitment, selection and training of staff at the different stages to ensure the service is safely staffed as the individual residents begin the journey of their future lifestyle and full compliance. This will be completed on a stage by stage basis according to numbers of residents admitted and with a target to fill the home quickly but maintaining budgets and staffing levels during each stage.

We will complete all assessments of the future residents to ensure they meet the category of care registered and ensuring staff have a full understanding of each individuals care needs to provide care to the highest standard.

We can complete the whole process or any individual stage of the process on your behalf.