For any care home business, a crucial process that can never be overlooked is the annual mock CQC inspections that levy a significant impact on the success of a company.

Although many are quick to disregard its importance, these inspections—or CQC visits—significantly affect the rating that an establishment gets. It is through this once-a-year process that any care home can best market themselves as a worthwhile option or go back to the drawing board and perhaps enlist the services of professionals to help them.

Whether you see this non-negotiable part of running a healthcare establishment as being tedious, it’s probably clear that you can never be prepared for such a task. This is possibly true unless you start adopting the practice of having CQC mock inspections regularly.

What are mock inspections?

In recent years,CQC mock inspections have become an essential resource for many care homes in the UK because of their ability to measure and spot points for improvement objectively.

Throughout this practice, the establishment entails the services of an expert or team of professionals in CQC compliance to audit a care home and point out specific areas of concern. As a result, healthcare establishments can identify any actual breaches of regulations so that they can make adjustments and estimate the rating they’ll get on their next inspection.  In the same way that mock exams, drills, and situational training all work, mock examinations reinforce a quality of training that helps ensure that you avoid mistakes and get the best results!

Why should you consider having care home mock inspections regularly ?

Apart from making sure that your care home is compliant with the ever-rigorous CQC regulations that are enforced each year, here are three reasons you should consider regular mock inspections:

1. It helps your care home achieve a desirable rating

Although it may have been considered as near-impossible by many, achieving an outstanding rating in the eyes of the CQC has become easier with the help of a mock survey. When you hire the help of a service provider—such as M&S Healthcare Solutions—you can effectively assess your establishment for success.

Once you get everything going and have an expert assess your care home against CQC criteria, you can come up with a game plan that will help you ace the next inspection!

2. It ensures that your establishment gets to run smoothly

While mock inspections are useful when it comes to meeting CQC criteria, what many overlook is that it also yields a valuable opportunity to improve the quality of their services. By taking the time to have an expert regularly assess your establishment, you can make adjustments that will ultimately lead to higher rates of customer satisfaction in the long run!

3. It trains your staff to stay sharp and face actual inspections with confidence

Many care home staff members tend to be anxious or uneasy when it comes to taking on actual check. With the help of regular mock examinations, however, you’ll allow staff members to find more room for practice and gradually grow comfortable enough so that they’ll be confident once a legitimate inspection rolls around!


As intimidating as the idea of going through a CQC inspection may be, you can give your care home the upper hand it needs by investing in mock checks. With the help of a regular process, you can fine-tune your establishment and make sure that it doesn’t have any pitfalls that may hamper its success for the long term!

If you’re looking for an agency that provides mock CQC inspections in Liverpool that can help you best grow, we’ve got you covered with our care home consultancy services. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your care home’s service quality!

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