4 stages


Are you struggling to employ a manager to register with your company? Are you vulnerable moving towards your CQC inspection or had a failing inspection report and unable to find the right manager to correct the issues raised in the short time available?

We at M&S Care Consultants Ltd can assist you in all of these areas. We can audit your home, highlight issues and provide solutions quickly to improve your service before you are served the dreaded notice of proposal or indeed cancellation of registration.

We will act as manager during the improvement and can even assist in the recruitment and selection process of your next manager to be able to be consistent and maintain the improvements to your service so that you are not in this position again.

We will crisis manage, support, guide and train staff to meet the 5 KLOEs and all standards of the social care act to obtain compliance until your new manager is on board.

As an interim management team, we can be more assertive with having an outside view on obtaining results. Creating a vision of the future state of the service provided. Getting the staff on board with cultural change and creating ownership of each role. Remaining positive without appointing blame but finding the solution.