Businesses know that their company is only good as their employees, but hiring top recruits is particularly important in the healthcare industry. In a landscape where medical professionals impact the quality of patient care, bridging the gap between the industry’s talent shortage and high turnover rate.

HR management is more crucial now in this economic downturn, especially since the latest pandemic has proven the need to provide opportunities for career development and help organizations deliver quality healthcare to improve patient outcomes.

With that in mind, the list below explores some of the common challenges in today’s rapidly evolving, dog-eat-world medical industry:

Challenge #1: Staff Shortages

The job market has always been in constant flux, but the healthcare industry’s recruitment problem is only growing worse as hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and other establishments are experiencing extreme staff shortages more than ever.

While there are advances in technology that are easing menial and repetitive tasks to aid medical professionals, the entire industry still demands more expert hands to deliver the best healthcare services to patients.

Challenge #2: Poor Employee Morale

Seeing as staff shortages are doubling more than ever, it’s no surprise that the environment is also becoming increasingly stressful as the industry continues to be understaffed. This forces healthcare organizations to work with a skeletal team, ramping up the possibility of burning out the staff at a faster rate.

Just like with any job, employees who are constantly overworked are highly likely to miss work, quit their jobs, or produce a lower quality of work. Not only will this negatively impact an establishment’s bottom line, but it will also cause a rift in the reliability of healthcare given to patients.

Challenge #3: Records Compliance

Beyond managing employees, retaining clinical and non-clinical staff, and providing the necessary training to help staff develop their skills, the HR department in healthcare also struggles in complying with state and federal regulations.

Fraud, identity theft, and other forms of breaches are on the rise due to the lack of cybersecurity, leaving the healthcare industry highly vulnerable against phishing attacks and hackers.

Not to mention, the sudden influx of turnover rates creates a bottleneck in maintaining medical records compliance, making the laborious process even more grueling for the staff.

The Bottom Line: The Likely Challenges HR Professionals Will Face in the Healthcare Industry Today

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry in the UK is suffering in terms of retaining staff and hiring quality candidates for the long haul. Expenses are on the rise and organisations are also looking for ways to cut costs without compromising the quality of their healthcare services.

While the struggle continues, HR professionals strive to maintain reliable services to combat today’s increasingly challenging landscape.

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