When recruiting employees for a company, you strive to find the best talent, and that is not always easy to do. The healthcare industry is not exempted from this reality. There may be more demand in this industry, but it still does not guarantee that recruitment would always be a success.

While there are many uncontrollable factors you can associate with this fact, you can choose to focus on what you can control. As a recruiter, you need to step up your game to make sure that you also get the best people for your company. If you are not aware of the possible internal causes of your failed recruitment, let us present you the top problems encountered in healthcare industry recruitment:

Problem 1: The screening process is too complex

The healthcare industry is a serious business. People’s lives and health depend on it. That is why hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and others require multiple tests as part of the recruiting process. Through this method, they get to gauge one’s knowledge and capabilities. Some applicants may find the lengthy procedures too complicated for them, which could lead to them dropping off their applications. 

What you can do:

Since these tests are necessary, the best thing you can do is be transparent to your candidates about the process. From the start of the recruitment process, tell them how many tests they need to go through, and if possible, give them access to their application status. You can create a system where they can see the list of tests they have completed and the status for each. It can help manage their expectations while you stick to the mandatory process.

Problem 2: Too complicated hiring process 

Healthcare companies are not like other companies that have a well-structured organization. A healthcare company usually has several branches, and because of the specialization, the recruitment process for each differs from one another. At first, the HR department will talk to applicants, and then they will be transferred to their respective departments. That can be confusing for the applicants. 

What you can do: 

Keeping the HR department on the loop is the key to avoiding miscommunication or any process loopholes. Using HR software can help manage this aspect better. With software dedicated to the hiring process, the HR department will have access to information and updates provided by each department. They can also oversee if all departments adhere to set guidelines and standards.

Problem 3: Compensation

Working in a healthcare environment is never easy. That is why most applicants will go after a company where they will feel more rewarded. If your company cannot offer competitive compensation, your applicants will most likely look for better opportunities.

What you can do: 

Although high pay is a convincing type of compensation, it is not the only type of payment you can provide. If you cannot offer more financial-wise, you can focus on other employee priorities like a flexible work schedule, good working conditions, career advancement opportunities, health benefits, and more. All these have values too. You only need to learn what your ideal employee would want.


If your recruitment effort is no longer as effective as they were years back, you need to pinpoint the challenges you are encountering and then find ways on how to develop them. Once your recruitment process has improved, it will be easier for you to find and win the top talents you can spot.

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